Top Tips for Keeping Your Home Spider-free

Over the festive period Melbourne will become a haven for spiders thanks to the warmer weather. Wet, humid and hot conditions provide perfect breeding conditions for spiders. Stopping spiders from coming into your home is easier than you think. Here are four simple tips for keeping your home spider-free.

1. Barrier protection

Spiders seek warmth at night and this can be a reason for them to venture into our houses and apartments. Some home insulation can trap heat and this means that it takes a while for our houses to cool down at night to the same as the temperature outdoors that may have already dropped considerably, compared to earlier during the day.

Exposed windows, cracks and door frames are the prime entry points for arachnids. Make sure that you put a barrier spray on these in order to keep spiders out. If you are concerned about toxins or allergens in the home, you can use a mixture of lemon juice and water, and rub a piece of lemon rind over the frames to make sure they are thoroughly coated in the smell.

2. Clear debris

Spiders seek shelter in the garden and other dark places around your property, such as wood piles, boxes, rubbish, or piles of grass clippings. If you do need to store things in and around the garden, make sure they are in sealed boxes or containers. Keep the weeds low and make sure that the grass is clipped back around the perimeter of your home, including any trees.

3. Remove spider webs

Spiders won’t seek to build webs in high traffic areas, or in places where they need to continually rebuild their web. Use an outdoor broom to regularly run along the perimeter of your home, especially around pergolas and window frames that have undisturbed corners. On the inside of the home, make sure that you regularly vacuum and dust the areas that are not exposed to human traffic, such as inside wardrobes and the corners of the ceiling.

4. Keep it dark

While outdoor lighting doesn’t exactly attract spiders, it attracts flying insects which contributes to increasing local spider populations.

5. Seek help from the professionals

If you are facing a spider infestation and require assistance, call Twin Bays Pest Control today on 0409 334 562 and we can take care of the problem for you. We can help you with all types of pest control, from spiders to fleas, wasps, termites, and even rodents.