The Ultimate Commercial Pest Control Beginner’s Guide

Commercial Pest Control Beginners Guide

When it comes to commercial pest infestation, the large majority of industries apply a zero tolerance policy. Unfortunately, the likelihood of experiencing a pest infestation in office buildings and other kinds of commercial premises is fairly high in most sectors due to the presence of food and water sources in certain work and storage areas, and higher humidity levels and temperatures indoors compared to those found outdoors. However, there are some effective ways you can minimise the risk of a pest infestation at your business premises. Here are top tips to help you keep creepy crawlies out of the workplace.

Cracks and holes:

Don’t underestimate those minor cracks and holes in walls and floors and leakage issues on your commercial property. Little gaps can present potential entrances in your office building or warehouse, and leaks can become water sources for those uninvited guests. Keep an eye on hidden spots on walls behind furniture and household appliances like dishwashers and fridges. It’s a good idea to arrange for a reliable and experienced pest service to conduct periodical inspections to detect those leaks and potential entry points early and seal them immediately to prevent potential pest invasion.

Drainage system:

Building maintenance is often overlooked when it comes to the drainage system. Water leaks and poor drainage systems can result in severe pest infestation because they provide sufficient water supply to sustain those pesky critters. Exterminating a potential water source is one of the easiest ways to prevent a potential infestation.

Garbage disposal:

Depending on the type of business you have, there is always various kinds of garbage (from paper-based to organic) resulting from your daily operations. It is vital that you collect and dispose of unwanted waste properly and frequently to avoid potential contamination and infestation. Even just the odours coming from garbage bins can attract pests such as cockroaches, maggots, gnats and rodents.

Kitchen area:

Paying extra attention to eatery and kitchen areas is crucial to avoiding a pest nightmare. Food leftovers and organic waste are pests’ favourite food sources. It should be every employee’s responsibility to keep the office environment clean and tidy (and free of food waste). Otherwise, having a professional cleaning service come to your office or industrial space on a daily/weekly basis can reduce the risk of your business falling victim to a pest infestation.

The presence of ideal food and water sources is one of the key factors that contributes to a suitable nesting environment for common pests including rodents, cockroaches and ants.

All of the above tips are great ways to minimise the chance of a commercial pest infestation. However, utilising a pest control service is the ultimate solution to exterminating any pest problem you may have for good. It is important to contact a certified and experienced pest control company to get the best advice on your pest problems. Pest control services such as TwinBays Pest Control are specialised not only in residential pest solutions but also in commercial pest control. We are a family owned and run company that put high quality service and business credibility first in everything we do. Do not hesitate to contact our professional team today via our hot line 0409 334 562.