The Importance of a Pest-Free Workplace

When you work on average 40 hours’ a week, you spend a large part of your week at the office. It is important to keep our work space clean and tidy at all times. However, sometimes even the cleanest office can face a pest infestation problem. The source of the problems can be a careless colleague’s leftovers which have been left out of the fridge, food debris scattered on your workmate’s desk or unwashed dishes in the sink. Pests commonly found in commercial buildings include rodents, cockroaches, ants and flies. These pests are major issues which can be harmful to workers’ physical and mental health, as well as their productivity. Therefore, keeping your workplace tidy and pest-free is as important as keeping a clean and hygienic home.

Food control is the first step to pest control

Pests prefer a warm indoor environment with sufficient food supply. By cutting down the potential food sources and access to food, we can minimize the risk of having a pest infestation. Banning your employees from having food around the office is not feasible. However, limiting food consumption and having the food sources concentrated in one place is the best way to keep everything under control. Asking staff to have lunch in the kitchen instead of at their desks is a good way to reduce food crumbs and leftovers around the working area, which will likely attract pests like rodents and cockroaches. Additionally, encouraging employees to keep food in closed containers or put them away in the fridge overnight will also help to minimise the risk. Office treats such as cookies, biscuits, lollies, chocolate and snacks should be mindfully covered or preserved properly in closed containers and boxes. Leftovers thrown into the office bins should be regularly collected and dumped daily.

Hygiene is now everyone’s affair

Imagine coming to the office in the morning and seeing cockroaches running around on the floor or hearing rats squeaking in the cupboards, you would probably ask yourself how you are going to make it through the day in that work space. The key to avoiding this awful experience is getting on top of your cleaning routine. Dirty dishes in the sink, food debris around desks or overflowing bins are all things that have the potential to lead to a pest infestation. If your office has a pest problem, having a staff meeting to inform everyone about the issue and deliver hygiene guidelines to employees is very crucial. It is also necessary to employ an expert pest service like Twin Bays Pest Control to solve your issue professionally, rapidly and permanently.

Checking the water sources

Sometimes, there are hidden problems in our premises that we are not aware of such as a dropping faucet, a water leak behind the sink, or an air conditioning puddle. Pests like rodents including rats and mice are among the most common pests inhabiting offices, most of which live on excess water sources. Therefore, eliminating their water supply is a strategic step to ensuring a pest-free office. Make sure you have these water leaks fixed immediately, before these uninvited guests settle in. If they have already moved in, contact a reliable pest control service instantly to get the problem solved efficiently.

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