The basics of commercial pest control

When insects, rodents and other pests infest commercial buildings, the effects can be very damaging. Untreated commercial pest infestations may result in structural damage, and may compromise the health and safety regulations of your business. For this reason, it’s important to hire a professional pest control company to oversee your property and make sure it is pest-free. Today, we’ll look at a few things this type of service might include.

1. A proper inspection

A professional pest control company will be able to conduct a thorough pest inspection, which will include the exterior of your property. The purpose of a pest inspection is not only to identify the root of existing infestations, but also determine where future problems may arise. A pest professional will identify any external problems, such as clutter and debris, exposed garbage, stagnant water, and overgrown vegetation, which may contribute to pest infestations. They will also take note of any neighbouring properties which are unmaintained. Trained pest professionals will also check for any crevices or cracks in your building’s structure, including pipe and utility line entry points, which may need to be sealed to prevent pest infestation.

2. Lighting recommendations

Certain insects, including flies and moths, are attracted to light. For this reason, your commercial pest control provider may recommend that you make a change to your business’s lighting. By using sodium vapour bulbs, or other non-attracting lighting options, you will greatly reduce the risk of infestation.

3. Waste and water management

Another big point that your pest control service will take note of is whether your facility has proper waste management and drainage systems. Nothing attracts bugs and other pests more than standing, stagnant water and improperly disposed garbage. A professional pest control company will work with you to arrange effective waste management solutions, ensuring your business remains pest-free.

When you enlist the services of a commercial pest control company, you can rest easy knowing your business is in safe hands. Twin Bays are a professional, reliable pest control company based in Melbourne and will tailor a commercial pest control program to suit your needs.