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Termite Control

Termite Control Melbourne

Termite Control

While it’s discouraging to find out your building has a termite problem, there’s no need to lose hope – Twin Bays Pest Control offers a range of effective termite treatment and protection methods for residential and commercial properties in Melbourne.

There are two main types of termites that can pose a problem to your structure – subterranean, which reside underground, and drywood, which live inside the wood they eat and sometimes infest walls and furniture. We can manage both of these varieties with termite control that specially targets each type.

Subterranean species are effectively managed through the implementation of baiting and monitoring systems. We plant bait in strategic locations in the ground, where it is then discovered by termites and carried back to the colony, which will soon begin to perish. This strategy is monitored over time to replenish bait stocks and ensure the method is proving effective.

An additional termite control approach involves treating soil with water-based pesticides. These pesticides are of ultra-low hazard to people and pets, but are effective at ridding your property of termites. If you’d prefer a solution that protects from termites, another option is the barrier method, in which barriers are constructed to prevent the advance of the insects. These can either be physical barriers constructed from a material that’s difficult to chew through, such as metal or crushed rock, or can be formed from pesticides that are fatal when consumed. Twin Bays are accredited in the Termex Replenishment system, a particular type of barrier designed specifically for Australian conditions. This system works particularly well for termite protection in Melbourne.

Drywood termite species are best treated through fumigation and wood treatment. These methods are versatile and can be conducted either throughout a whole structure or localised to one area, depending on the extent of the infestation.

Termite Control