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Quality Pest Control Services in Melbourne

For professional pest control services you can rely on, turn to the experts at Twin Bays Pest Control for all aspects of your pest management, from conducting inspections to implementing management projects. Servicing Melbourne and surrounding areas, we will provide an efficient and effective solution every time.

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Timber Pest Inspections

Before you buy or renovate a house, it’s essential to arrange for an inspection to check for termites and other timber pests. This can help you identify problems before you start, saving you time, trouble and expense in the future. The pest control experts at Twin Bays are fully qualified to carry out inspections. All of our inspections are performed by registered professionals and comply with Australian standards. Our reports are tailored to your budget, with comprehensive and budget varieties available. All reports are emailed within 24 hours, so you to act on the results as soon as possible and arrange further pest control services if required.

Termite Management Programs

If you discover that your property has a termite problem, Twin Bays Pest Control can work with you to develop a termite management program, dealing with the problem quickly and effectively. We offer a range of subterranean termite eradication and prevention treatments, including termite baiting and monitoring systems, physical barriers, and chemical barriers.

We also carry out pre-construction treatments in accordance with standard AS3660-2. These treatments are carried out prior to renovation or building in order to protect a structure from future termite infestation. We are also accredited in the Termex Replenishment system, which has been especially designed for termite prevention in Australian conditions, making it perfect for Melbourne properties

General Household Pest Management Programs

In addition to termites, Twin Bays Pest Control can provide general household pest management programs and control services to assist with infestations of other insects

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