How to rid your home of fleas

Of all the pests you might find in your home, perhaps one of the most annoying is the flea. These little parasites are normally associated with pets such as dogs and cats, but they can also causes problems for humans. Fleas not only live on your pets, they can also find shelter and in your rugs and carpets as well. Today, we’ll give you some basic facts about fleas and some helpful tips to help you eliminate a flea infestation in your home.

Can fleas harm humans?

Fleas usually choose to bite animals rather than people. But, if there are too many fleas or not enough pets around, they may also choose to bite people. Most people react to flea bites in the same way they react to any other insect bite, for example a mosquito bite. Reactions to flea bites tend to be worse in infants, children, and the elderly. Some people can develop an allergy to flea bites, similar to the flea allergy dermatitis that can be seen in cats and dogs. Flea bites on people may result from a heavy flea infestation in a house, or if fleas happen to be living in a bed or blankets.

Dealing with fleas on your pets

Of course, it’s practically impossible to get every last flea off your pets on your own, but there are ways you can greatly reduce the problem. When you give your furry friend a bath (very carefully if you have a cat) you can add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the water. Make sure you rinse your pet well to avoid skin irritations. The dishwashing liquid will destroy the flea’s exoskeletons, killing them in the process. You should consult your vet prior to doing this and ask him or her for advice on preventative medications to keep your pet completely flea-free.

Eliminating fleas from your home

Fleas on your pet is only half of the pest control problem for fleas in the home. They tend to live and lay their eggs within your carpets and rugs, and when your pet curls up for a nap they hop on board. You should vacuum your house twice a day for at least two weeks. This will help to get rid of flea eggs, adults, larvae and pupae. It is necessary to empty the bag properly after vacuuming. Otherwise, fleas can hatch and the vacuum cleaner could end up re-infesting your home.

You need to wash all rugs, bedding, clothing, removable furniture covers and pet bedding regularly. Make sure you use a cleaning product that will effectively kill off the fleas and their eggs. This will go a long way towards getting the little critters out of your home.

Seek help from the professionals

While these DIY measures will minimise the flea infestation, it’s likely that you won’t rid be able to rid your house completely of fleas without some professional help. Pest control experts like the experienced team at Twin Bays can implement a customised solution to your infestation and assist you to prevent the problem from reoccurring.