How to make your house a cockroach-free zone


Cockroaches are one of the most common domestic pests thanks to their amazing survival capabilities and rapid reproduction rates. Keeping cockroaches away from your home can be tricky, however there are things you can do to minimise the chance of infestation. Here are a few tips to help roach-proof your home.

Cut off their water supply

Cockroaches can survive up to a month without food, but only two weeks without water. An effective way to get rid of cockroaches is to cut off their water supply, particularly in the bathroom and kitchen areas. Be sure to check your drainage system regularly for leaky pipes or faucets. Also, keep an eye on your washing machine as cockroaches may be living on any excess water present.

Seal all entrance points

Upon discovering an infestation, it is important to locate and seal the entrance points to your house. Cockroaches are quite flexible and can easily sneak in through cracks in your walls or floor, as well as windows and drains. Cracks and holes can be sealed using special glue or plaster. Mesh fly screens should be fitted to all windows and you should use drain plugs where possible. It is also important to take special care with kitchen drains. Frequently flushing your drain with boiling water will help to eliminate any egg sacs stuck to your pipes.

Keep your kitchen clean

Make sure your kitchen is free of crumbs and food debris. Appliances such as ovens and toasters should be cleaned regularly to prevent food build up and potential cockroach infestations.

Take the garbage out regularly

Because cockroaches are attracted to pungent smells, it is important to take care during waste disposal. Reduce the smell of your garbage by regularly changing your rubbish bags and ensuring they are properly sealed.

Minimise clutter

Cockroaches are thigmotropic, which means they like the feeling of enclosed spaces. They often seek out dark, compact areas to settle in such as wooden boxes, paper stacks and food containers. Ensure your food containers are carefully sealed and minimise clutter to keep pesky roaches at bay.

Hire a professional

Cockroaches are an especially difficult pest to get rid of as they are hard to kill and can adapt to almost any environment. Although you can take precautions to safeguard your home against cockroaches, it is best to hire a professional pest control service to eradicate severe infestations.

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