Four simple tips to get rid of rats

A rat infestation in the home or at work can be a real nightmare. Many people are deathly afraid of rats, and with good reason. Rats are known to carry and transmit diseases, contaminate foodstuffs, and can even cause severe structural damage to your home or business. Rat control can be tricky, so here are some effective ways you can protect your home or workplace from infestation by these pesky rodents.

Cut off their food

Rats are very opportunistic and will eat just about anything, including your pet’s food, bird seed, rubbish and even animal faeces.

To discourage rats, make sure any food sources in your home or business are tightly controlled. Ensure your kitchen pantry is secure, don’t scatter birdseed or leave pet food outside, and cover vegetable patches or fruit trees with netting. It also pays to make sure your bins are tightly sealed, inside and out.

Block their entrances

Rats can get into your home through even the smallest cracks and openings. To find their entrance points, have a walk around your property and look for fresh rat droppings, burrows or claw marks – anything that indicates where they are getting in. Then, seal up any holes or cracks you may find.

Deny them water

A leaking tap, a puddle underneath the washing machine, a pot left to soak in the kitchen sink, even plants that have been overwatered – if it’s wet, rats will use it as a water supply. To stop rats from infesting your property, keep it as dry as possible and ensure any swimming pools or spas are kept covered when not in use.

Hire a professional

Rat control is a very specialised form of pest control and may take some time to get right. While these tips will certainly cut down the risk of a rat infestation, if they are presently afflicting your property, it pays to hire a professional pest control service that can set effective traps and completely exterminate the problem, ensuring they don’t return.

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