A Guide to Spring Pest Control


Spring is well and truly here and it’s time to prepare your home for the warmer weather with some pest-free solutions. Many pests emerge from hibernation around this time of year, as it is the perfect time for them to breed. Let’s explore some useful methods to get your home ready for a pest-free spring.

Spring inspection is a must

A great way to minimise the risk of potential infestation is to identify and seal possible entry points to your home. Take the time to properly seal windows and doors to prevent worrisome insects from entering your indoor living space.

Conduct a careful inspection around the perimeter of your home and scan the neighbourhood for likely pest hiding spots such as rotting tree limbs, branches and debris, firewood, and leaf piles. Clearing up clutter is a simple way to avoid unwanted houseguests such as cockroaches, termites and even rodents.

Pests can migrate from house to house within a neighbourhood, so it might be an idea to discuss shared pest control methods with your neighbours. Pests usually enter your home from the outside, therefore, regularly tidying your outdoor surroundings will prevent potential pest problems from becoming a greater concern indoors.

Pay extra attention to specific pests

Spring is the perfect time for many pests to seek nesting spots, as the air is warm and full of moisture. Although the changing weather can bring out a variety of unwanted critters, there are some pests to be particularly concerned about including ants, wasps and rodents.

Rodents breed all year round, however breeding rates increase in less extreme temperatures such as those experienced in autumn and spring.  Spring rain stimulates vegetation growth, meaning rodents have more natural matter to feed on, and will therefore multiply faster. Similarly, pests such as wasps, ants and other insects will breed better in springtime, thanks to increased plant growth and rising temperatures.

Ensure your lawn is mowed regularly, keep plants away from the entry points to your house, and frequently clear out your garden to prevent pests from invading your home. It is also important to eliminate any sources of stagnant water, which may serve as a breeding ground for many pesky insects.

Investing in a professional pest control service

It is advisable to hire a trustworthy, local pest control company to conduct regular inspections and exterminate any infestations you may have. Professional pest specialists have the knowledge and experience to successfully eliminate a wide range of pests, and will save you the hassle of trial and error DIY methods.

It is best to select a pest service familiar with your local region, so that they can select and apply the most appropriate chemicals to treat the infestation. Twin Bays Pest Control are one of Victoria’s most reliable pest control companies. Our pest technicians are experts in providing tailored, local pest treatment and offer environmentally-friendly pest control solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential areas.

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