7 Ugly Truths About Termites You Must Know

Termites are eusocial insects that have been living on wood millions of years. Termites cause huge financial loss every year for businesses around the globe and are addressed as serious threats to residential properties. Likewise, termites are considered a major problem in Australia, especially in Melbourne residential properties around the suburban areas.

A famous saying by Sun Tzu – the author of The Art of War – goes ‘Know your enemies and yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster’. That’s why we have decided to unveil some mysterious facts about these destructive pests. That way, you will know how to cope with a termite infestation should you encounter one in the future.

  1. Termites have existed long before the evolution of man. The oldest unambiguous termite fossils date back to the early Cretaceous period – between 145 and 65 million years ago. Termite traces were found in dinosaur bones from the middle Jurassic era in China. Their main food sources were animals’ bones and other parts of carcasses. Termites play an important role in the history of the evolution.
  2. Hydrogen and other gases are produced inside termites’ hindguts which are inhabited by microbe species. The microbes and termites have a symbiotic relationship and collaborate to convert the woods they eat into acetate. Scientists are currently doing research on the proteins inside the microbe species and the process of breaking down woodchips into a higher value product, which could have potential benefits for industrial applications in the future.
  3. Termites communicate with one another through their unique chemical scents which are called pheromones. They leave hints of scents on tracks to guide the workers to their nests. Each termite colony has its own special scent, which is controlled by the termite queen.
  4. Termite will return to your property in even higher numbers if you attempt to eliminate an infestation on your own instead of calling a professional pest control service because they can retreat into the soil. When termites do come back they seek alternative food sources such as furniture inside your home. For example, you might first discover a termite infestation in your back door and try to get rid of it. Those pests could then make their way underground and later come back to attack your wooden floors.
  5. The average termite can chew up a wooden floor in only 3 months.
  6. Termite damage results in greater loss to residential and commercial properties than those from fire, flood, earthquakes and storms combined. Worldwide, termite damage is estimated at approximately $22 billion US dollars every year.
  7. According to research at Griffith University in Australia, 10% of Australian houses are estimated to have had termite infestations or will have a termite problem in the future. In some areas, the number rises to 65%, resulting in $4 billion of total financial loss per annum.

Termites are considered a serious threat to residential and commercial premises globally. Eradicating a termite infestation is not an easy task to carry out yourself. It requires specific skills and industrial tools to completely eliminate these inhabitants. When you have a termite problem, do not hesitate to contact your trusted local pest control provider.

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